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The Nokia 5.1 Plus has been designed to amaze and engineered to perform. It comes with a big 14.73-cm (5.8) HD+ display that has a 19:9 ratio which maximizes your viewing experience. It boasts an exquisite design that has been tailored with attention to detail. The smartphone’s 13 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera serve as the backbone of its advanced photographic capabilities. To top it off, AI assistance takes the photos it captures to the next level with features that include Bokeh Blur and Portrait Lighting.

Built to endure and provide you with a premium smartphone experience, the Nokia 5.1 Plus comes with 3 GB of RAM and a 1.8 GHz P60 octa-core processor. With looks that match its performance, this gorgeous smartphone includes features such as an AI-powered camera, Bokeh Blur, Portrait Lighting, and Haze Removal. It also comes with a 14.73-cm (5.8) edge-to-edge HD+ display and 2.5D Curvature Glass on the front and the back which make this smartphone quite a looker.

The Nokia 5.1 Plus features a 14.73-cm (5.8) edge-to-edge HD+ display and a 2.5D Curvature Glass which provides a completely immersive experience whether you’re watching a movie or video chatting with your friends. Its 19:9 HD+ Notch Screen Ratio and Edge-to-edge Design maximise your viewing experience.

Featuring a 13 MP + 5 MP dual-rear camera setup, this smartphone also comes with Artifical Intelligence Assitance and features such as Bokeh Blur, Portrait Lighting, and Haze Removal. With such impressive features, this smart camera lets you take truly flawless pictures. Also, the 8 MP front camera makes your selfies truly stunning.

Powered by 3 GB of RAM and a 1.8 GHz P60 octa-core processor, the Nokia 5.1 Plus delivers a lag-free and smooth experience whether you’re watching videos, playing games or browsing the Internet. It also comes with 32 GB of ROM which is expandable up to 400 GB.

The Nokia 5.1 Plus is always ready at your beck and call, aiding you with your everyday tasks, thanks to its 3060 mAh battery.


Black, White


128GB, 32GB, 64GB



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Customer Reviews (25)

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good one

  2. Sabyasachi

    I have used many phones but this one is my best phone till date.

  3. Pranavshyam Praveen

    I bought OnePlus 6t when it launched 2018-19 and it was pricey then but still I’m using it and it works fine. Can run all the apps i wish the phone can still handle anything which I throw at it. Software updates have stopped
    Will recommend to other still

  4. nagasatyanarayana

    It’s a good Phone

  5. ronak kamble

    Best product and brand

  6. Lalit M.

    Can improve

  7. Happy Sharma

    Now, this is what a nice and cute smartphone looks like. I’ve been using this for almost a year now and still, it’s delivering the same performance as it did on its first day. Nokia knows what kind of features a 10-15K smartphone should hold and they put their years of experience into building a phone you can rely on. Did I mention it looks really premium? However, the price has gone up a little since I first bought this device so I would consider you to check other variants of the Nokia .1 Plus series but still, it’s one of the best from our beloved Nokia.

  8. Senthil Kumar C

    Good product


    Speed nice

  10. Deshraj Singh

    Very good

  11. Arun k.s

    Superb phone for this rate.
    Battery give 1.5 day backup on normal use
    Camera ????
    Fingerprint ?????
    No heating issue
    Design ????
    Pubg gameplay was very smooth on HD
    Camera performance in low light is not better
    Notch is big(for me)
    Overall superb iteam go for it?

  12. J Acharjee

    The phone is very stylish and it has a glassy look, but the camera is not so good as per expectation. Battery life is moderate. Average i’ll give 3. 5 out of 5. I bought it in rs 8220. It this price its a good phone..

  13. pankaj

    Everything is good according to price

  14. mariusz

    The finger print scanner work 1 out of 5 times. But everything else about the phone is great.

  15. KIRAN K.

    one message :” invalid input ” is frequently flashes on screen. Could not find way to block. it Any suggestion ?

  16. lakshay b.

    I am using this phone for one month now and i faced no problem till now.
    Some info-
    Battery lasts 1.5 day with normal use.
    Camera is decent.
    Touch is very smooth.
    Back glass feels very premium and class and that is what i liked most.
    UI is also good.
    The only problem i faced is phone signal but that is also solved after update.
    So overall this us a good phone.

  17. Nimish Gupta

    It is a value for money smartphone in such price. Best part of this phone is its build quality and battery. I think is is a good overall package phone in this bidget.

  18. Asnil

    Very good product value for money, you must go for it only camera is average.

  19. Pv

    Amazing phone!!! Can never go wrong with the one plus!!

  20. mahesh

    Overly vary nice device, except camera.
    Sometimes lags.

  21. Arun kumar T.A

    The OnePlus 6T brings new technology and worthwhile improvements to the table making this the best phone from OnePlus yet.

    New fingerprint sensor feels cutting-edge
    Up-to-date, versatile OS
    Fast Charge is still great
    Sleek, premium design
    Great performance
    Great battery life
    Camera’s Nightscape mode needs work
    Another headphone jack bites the dust
    Fingerprint sensor needs refinement
    Poor audio capabilities
    his affordable Android flagship sports a lightning-fast in-display fingerprint sensor and powerful performance for half the price of its rivals.
    Super-fast in-display fingerprint sensor
    Gorgeous display with tiny teardrop notch
    Improved camera support
    Android Pie out of the box.
    No headphone jack
    Lacks wireless charging
    Camera: Improved, but not amazing

    OnePlus didn’t make any tweaks to the camera hardware in the 6T. Like the 6, the new model sports a dual-lens rear shooter with a 16-megapixel and 20-MP lens and a 20-MP front-facing lens.

    But the company made some software enhancements to boost photo quality, particularly in portraits and at night. A new Night mode, which you can select from the lower menu in the camera preview, lengthens the exposure time to capture more detail in low-light settings.
    Unfortunately, that exposure doesn’t do much to enhance the quality of a low-light image, as you can see in the below comparison of the same spooky Halloween display lit colorful lights and a street lamp. With Night mode activated, the shot is brighter overall but also looks overexposed, so you lose detail and contrast. The image isn’t much better without Night mode, but looks slightly less grainy.
    The Pixel 3 captures the variation in the purple lights, and also brings up the contrast in the black spiders on the staircase. The red of the monstrous ghost’s eyes and hands is far more vivid in the Pixel 3’s shot. This is without the Pixel 3’s forthcoming Night Sight mode, which reportedly makes the device’s low-light shots dramatically better. The iPhone XR’s shot is more true-to-life — the purple and red hues look like they did in person, even if there’s not as much contrast as in the Pixel 3’s result.
    Performance: Flagship speed for less

    The 6T shares the same specs as the 6, so performance is unchanged in the newer device. The phone’s 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 845 processor deliver flagship speeds, besting even Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 (with 6GB of RAM) and Google’s Pixel 3 XL (4GB).
    Battery Life

    The OnePlus 6T’s 3,700 mAh battery is slightly bigger than the OnePlus 6’s 3,300 mAh pack, but the new device also has a slightly larger display. The two phones ran neck-and-neck in the Toms Guide Battery Test of continuous web-surfing over T-Mobile’s LTE network, with the 6T lasting 10 hours and 23 minutes and the 6 lasting just 10 minutes longer. The smartphone average is 9:50.

    In my five days of testing the 6T, I found it to be a champ. For instance, I charged up the 6T to 100 percent and then used it for 20 hours, from late afternoon to lunchtime the following day. I took the phone running, listening to the new Robyn album over Apple Music.
    OnePlus 6T vs. iPhone XR

    The OnePlus 6T is cheaper than the iPhone XR while offering a bigger display. The 6.2-inch-long 6T is taller than the 5.9-inch-long iPhone XR, Apple’s most affordable flagship iPhone. That extra height is all display — the 6T’s 6.4-inch OLED panel is simply bigger than the XR’s 6.1-inch screen.

    For those of us with small hands, the taller screen makes it tougher to navigate the 6T one-handed than the XR, but there are worthwhile trade-offs.
    OnePlus 6T Cheat Sheet: What You Need to Know

    The 6T is the first flagship phone released in the U.S. with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Spoiler alert: The sensor’s lightning fast and amazing.
    T-Mobile customers can buy the 6T in-store, and it also supports Verizon’s network.
    Farewell, headphone jack. OnePlus has parted ways with the 3.5mm port. A USB-C dongle is included in the box.
    Android 9.0 Pie with OyxgenOS doesn’t feel bloated.
    New Night photography feature aims to improve low-light shots, but the Pixel 3 is better.
    A recently-released McLaren Edition offers 10GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and OnePlus’ new Warp Charge system.
    Design: Matte beauty with teardrop notch

    OnePlus isn’t pushing any design boundaries with the 6T, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The matte Midnight Black model I tested is a subtle standout in a sea of glassy black 6-inch slabs (i.e., almost every other Android flagship). The glossy Mirror Black shade is more run-of-the-mill. Unfortunately, OnePlus isn’t releasing a Silk White variant of the 6T, at least not yet. The pearly finish of that OnePlus 6 model was one-of-a-kind. The Mirror and Midnight Black hues are standard for OnePlus, so it would be nice to see a fresh shade for the 6T.OnePlus has slightly refined its go-to aesthetic for the 6T with tweaks like a teardrop-shaped notch, which is significantly smaller than the iPhone X-style notch at the top of the OnePlus 6’s display. The 6T’s bottom bezel is also a smidge thinner than its predecessor’s. But the overall dimensions have remained largely the same over the years, even as display size has increased and the fingerprint sensor has moved from chin to back to beneath the display.
    glass with the 6T and ditched the headphone jack (yes, it’s true), the company has still shied away from supporting wireless charging.

    Display: Still stunning

    The OnePlus 6T’s display quality easily rivals flagships twice its price. The expansive, 6.4-inch AMOLED (2340 x 1080) panel is slightly taller than the OnePlus 6’s screen, but the most noticeable difference is the less obtrusive dewdrop notch. OnePlus slimmed down the camera cut-out from the 6’s iPhone X replica to one that resembles the short-lived Essential Phone. The design tweak makes the screen feel truly edge-to-edge in a way that notched flagships don’t.
    ‘Only’ full HD resolution
    No microSD card slot

  22. Samgal Nizamuddin

    This is a handy mobile and best mobile under 10k the glassy back side give phone a rich look I use nokia since 2007. I have gifted this mobile to my wife. She is quite happy and satisfied

  23. Kartik Kumar Agarwal

    Overall: 8/10:
    A fantastic package at good value. 6T McLaren is’nt much different from the standard 6T except for the RAM and some minor cosmetic changes. But for a long time fan of the Silver Arrows from Mika Hakkinen’s time, a small increase in price was worth it. Call me sentimental! 🙂

    Unboxing & contents: 8/10
    One of the coolest unboxing experiences. The McLaren box is very premium and the booklet starts with giving you a brief glimpse into the history of the brand and some cool pictures from the archives. It is an homage to Bruce McLaren to be honest. The Speed Mark (real Carbon Fire cutout of the McLaren logo) encased in acrylic is pretty good and can serve as a cool table top accessory or paper weight. If not for much it can be a good ice breaker for visitors to your home / office. The Charger and Cable are also customized for the McLaren edition. The Soft PU case is simple black and fits snugly. There was a missed opportunity to throw in some colour for the McLaren edition. All else is pretty much standard. Providing only a USB-C to 3.5 converter is a bummer. For the flagship offering at over 50K, throwing in a Bullet Earphone should have been standard.

    First Impressions: 9/10
    The device is actually pretty impressive looking. Especially the orange accents at the Bezel on the back. When you change the angle under light, it almost looks like there are LEDs inside. It looks premium for sure though an actual Carbon Fibre body would have been awesome! Be warned though that the surface is a fingerprint magnet and not easy to wipe off unless you use a good cleaning spray. The Waterdrop notch is barely noticeable and is not much of an issue. The colours are vibrant and while setting up you can choose a profile that suits your taste.

    Setup: 8/10
    The SIM Card tray is a standard two Nano-SIM one. No SD Card support still! But with 240 GB usable memory, not much of an issue to be honest. I used the OnePlus switch app to transfer my apps, data and settings. The transition was hassle free and took all of 15 minutes. Most apps worked immediately but a few needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled as they were acting up. I gave it a point less as I think the OnePlus Switch app should be integrated at the setup stage instead of making a new user download it. The phone heats up considerably but it was fine after the initial 30 minutes.

    Battery: 7/10
    The unit came with 50% power out of the box and it took me a good 30 minutes to get it to 75% despite using the Warp Charge @ 30W. Probably it was due to the fact that close to 100 apps were being downloaded while it was charging. I will check the charging performance over the next few weeks and update review if required.

    Performance: 9/10
    Gaming: Initial performance on gaming is very very good (Asphalt 9 Legends and Real Racing 3). Zero lag and super smooth rendering. Bloons TD6 is a very resource hungry at lategame levels and the 6T McLaren made short work of it.

    Display: The display is really mind-blowing. Video on Youtube and other streaming apps was super smooth and brilliant to look at. One cool feature is that you can pinch zoom the content to include / exclude the waterdrop notch for front camera. Adaptive brightness is annoying at times and I had to turn it off while playing the racing games.

    Camera: Have not tested the Camera performance yet. Especially the 4K 60 FPS option. Will do it soon and update the review.

    Hope this helps!

  24. Aayush Patil

    I’ll split the review into sections to make it easy to understand.

    Delivery 10/10: I placed the order on the 2nd since the 8/256 model was out of stock and I was supposed to receive the phone on the 4th however I was pleasantly surprised when the order shipped and was at my doorstep on the 2nd itself so kudos to the seller and Amazon for a great delivery experience.

    Now onto the phone…

    Build 8/10: The body of the phone is metal and the design is ergonomic. Not a huge change from the OP6 other than the lack of a fingerprint sensor. A lack of headphone jack is problematic.

    Screen 10/10: 6.44 inch 2560×1080 AMOLED display. A gorgeous display with vivid colors and true blacks, feels better than many 2K screens and the load on the battery is reduced massively as well. The notch is improved massively as well as it feels less intrusive and easier to adopt. With an 86% screen to body ratio, the experience is immersive.

    Internals and Software 10/10: 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage is future proof enough and can handle anything thrown at it. OxygenOS with Android Pie is greatly optimized with some useful features and the performance is fast, lag-free and snappy. SD845 is best in class and the GPU can handle heavy games with ease.

    Camera 9/10: While it sports the same lens as its predecessor, the software tweaks and optimization makes it feel like a massive upgrade with noticeably better photos than the OP6 as well as great improvement with the Night mode in taking photos in low light. You can shoot 720p video at 480fps as well as 4K 60fps (limited to 5 minutes at a stretch) and the inclusion of pro mode makes it easier to tweak the camera according to your needs. The front camera is crisp and an improvement over its predecessor. While it may not be as exceptional as the Pixel 3 or Note 9, it is still the best camera in its price range.

    Battery life ?/10: It’s still too early to give an honest review about the battery life however the 3700mah capacity paired with the industry leading fast-charging technology makes it one of the best phone batteries. In my short use of the phone so far I’ve consistently got 4.5-5 hours SoT and the standby time is insane as well. This is one of the best phones battery management wise bar the Note 9.

    New features: While the fingerprint sensor is now embedded under the screen, it is more of a positive point for the screen to body ratio than the security aspect of the phone. While it definitely is not gimmicky, it is not completely useful as well. It’s plenty fast despite being a first-generation in-screen reader however still slower than physical button readers as well as the native face unlock (which is really really good and insanely fast even in low light) If you’re someone who disables face unlock and will only use your fingerprint then it is good enough for your daily needs.

    Sound 7/10: Due to the reduced notch, the earpiece is shifted into the top slit however it is still plenty audible and really clear. The speaker despite being a mono downward firing one is loud enough to play music and answer calls from far away. One issue I have with the bottom speaker is that despite being two grills, one on either side of the type C slot, there is only one speaker which is the left one which means if you cover it you will muffle 90% of the sound also by looking at the pictures you might assume it might be dual bottom firing speakers but it’s only one (so it might seem like false advertising?) but still it doesn’t affect the quality or the loudness of the sound one bit so I may be nitpicking here. A lack of headphone jack means you have to settle for bt audio or use the dongle provided by oneplus for free in the box. Since I am coming from an LG G6 which had a 32-bit Quad DAC it is a big letdown since USB-C audio is still garbage and wireless music still cannot compete in quality with wired.

    +Phone comes with screen protector pre-applied and with a free transparent TPU case in the box so good on OP to think about the customer

    -no 3.5mm jack
    -no wireless charging (not important for me)


  25. Divya Kothari

     (Pictures and videos attached)

    (Star Rating out of 5)
    Phone Overall Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Camera Quality Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Battery Backup ★ ★ ★ ★
    Speed/Performance: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Operating System: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Fingerprint Scanner: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Usability/Gestures,etc: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Sound Quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The in-box contents:
    • The 3.5mm audio jack to USB-C adaptor cable is really useful for the mass. OnePlus has taken care that removing the audio jack doesn’t *force* one to buy new headphones.

    • The *phone cover* is sufficient and one wouldn’t need to buy a new cover unless one likes to have personalized phone covers.


    I reluctantly exchanged my note 4 for this but after weeks use, I feel this is awesome despite few glitches

    My Experience as a power user of phones:

    I bought this phone by using the exchange offer with the MI Note 4 that I had used for over two years. Being a power user, high-graphics gamer, freelance graphic designer, developer, an entrepreneur & a multi tasker, I find OnePlus 6T (OxygenOS) so much worth the purchase. Specially so when I am transitioning from MI Note 4 (MIUI). OnePlus 6T is an incremental upgrade to the OnePlus 6T with subtle but significant upgrades. But there is always something positive and negative about a device so following is what I feel about it:

    • The fingerprint scanner that was the key selling point for OnePlus 6T isnt as impressive as it seemed to be earlier before using the phone for a week. It is good but it isnt as fast as face recognition or back side fingerprint scanner. The major cause of this is that the back side fingerprint scanner in the previous model 6 was a definite point that was locatable but in 6T this area is on the screen and you need to tap the screen to get the area of fingerprint scanner to show and then you have to do the needful. This is like a step extra versus the previous models quick screen unlock with same level of security. This is a 2 second wasted only to unlock the screen.

    • The sound quality and camera quality is exceptionally awesome. No flaws in them for this level of pricing. There are few so called better ones in other brands but then better is a debatable word with camera output quality.

    • Storage / model options: I have seen the mirror version of version 6 with my friend and the midnight black that I have been using of version 6. Midnight black is just so so buttery smooth to enjoy and feel while using the phone that makes it seem like everything is on screen surface and covering the full screen area. Mirror version becomes boring and frustrating after a point because of the fingerprints that are left visible all over the back side of the body so easily everytime.

    • In-display fingerprint scanner / sensor: OnePlus’s dedicated fingerprint scanner has always been a secure and fastest scanner around. With in-display scanner they have integrated the fingerprint scanner inside the device remarkably well. It is fast enough to call it quick but sure isn’t as fast as dedicated scanner module which it implemented in OnePlus 6’s rear.

    • Blazing fast: There is nothing more pleasing that having a fluid experience using a phone and OnePlus 6T is blazing fast. Multi-tasking is such a breeze with 6T. Test it with almost any (and virtually as many) apps and 1+ 6T will deliver! Gaming Mode just adds to this beefy specs while you are gaming.

    • Gestures: After using it once and I dont want to go back to using buttons (almost definitely). The gestures add so much to its intuitive, smooth user experience, while getting work done faster and without any hassle.

    • Camera: I make some videos of indoor interviews often night light as well and some casual street photography. This 6T camera delivers to the price. Infact more, it is such an ease taking low-light photos without having to worry about setting up a light or finding a good light source.

    • Audio: The audio in this phone is aptly loud and with nice bass that a mobile phone can pack. OnePlus 6 had a very shrieky noisy sort of high-volume issue. But this one has a much more crisp and clearer stereo like speaker feel.

    • Faster charging: As always OnePlus is much loved for its fast charging and adding ~400 mAh to the battery 6T makes it all much more pleasing.

    • Larger & stronger display: The display is now Corning Gorilla Glass 6 sized at 6.41” which is just as much wide as OnePlus 6’s Corning GG 5 sized at 6.28” but with more height-giving aspect ratio of 19.5:9 aspect ratio and believe me watching movies, YouTube is such a bliss!!!

    • Just a Notch: It’s a huge improvement over OnePlus 6’s slab shaped huge notch. The notch in 6T is tear drop shaped and well designed, sized. It rather makes the appearance of the screen very attractive It improves the overall usability and feel of display by many folds.

    • 3.5mm Audio jack is Gone: USB Type-C is all you need to charge the phone or listen to music. You need a type-C to 3.5mm audio jack/adapter within the package though which comes as a huge relief incase I am stuck with using an ordinary 3.5mm Headphones.

    • If you are a One Plus 6 owner you would like this thing about the charger that it is of same specifications in terms of electric input and output. You can use the same charger for both the phones. This saves you from the hassle of storing two chargers for two same brand phones.

    • 3700 mAh: Beefed up the battery (maybe that’s why the audio jack had to go). But this also means longer charging time with the same charger as OnePlus 6 but that is okay i think since it still is fast compared to other phones. Lot of people are crying for wireless charging. I guess they dont know about the slow charging speed and longer charging time for the smartphones. Everyone who has used the fast charger knows that wireless charging is not as great as it sounds.

    • The software feature of Screen Brightness is a big dislike. Since the new OS update, OP6 and OP6T both have had very bad transition scale in terms of screen brightness. Earlier the screen was enough bright at 30% thus saving batter, but now even indoor use requires screen brightness to be set at 60% to be able to use phone properly. This is a big let down as it consumes a lot of battery.

    • The new software update has some improvements in Camera and gestures and some patch fixes. This is good, especially the nightscape camera features takes amazing low light contrast pictures (one nightscape mode shot pictures has been attached).

    • But the new swipe gesture addition to switch between previous and next apps has caused the previously existent two gestures for going to the tray and going back has become way slower and sometimes non responsive. In an effort to add something just not required, the previous smooth gestures transitions has been sacrificed. This is just wasnt called for.