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Gold, Silver, Space Grey

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Mac OS Big Sur




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Customer Reviews (8)

  1. Anurag Ghosh

    Amazed performance of MI chip. Looks no doubt premium. Outstanding battery backup. Buit quality is very good. After full charge I used it for 2 days (more than 16 hrs) still more than 20% charge remaining. Best and suitable for high end users like coder/IT persons.

  2. Prabal Tirkey

    Mind-blowing purchase
    Got a timely delivery and a good product. Good purchase for the price. Keep in mind the softwares are upgrading to support M1 architecture. Overall very good product at a very competitive pricing.

  3. Parth Kapoor

    Just wow!
    Ultimate machine, best laptop I have ever used hands down. M1 macbook air is more powerful than any previous generation Mac or any Windows laptop. Awesome purchase. Thank you Flipkart

  4. Arvind Singh

    Mind-blowing purchase
    For everyone, who is planning to buy MBA M1-

    Blazing fast- M1 is so ahead in performance
    Battery is amazing (I use it entire day for work)
    Build quality is top notch undoubtedly

    Webcam is grainy (no update has been able to fix it)- Not a major concern but for the price you pay it is indeed expected.
    Color- I opted for Gold (after seeing all the images online), however it has a rose tint and looks pinkish in indoor lights. Its not gold-gold, its pinkish-gold.

    P.S. I recently upgraded from windows to mac and I am glad I brought MBA M1. Absolute value for money!

  5. shudhanshu shukla

    Highly recommended
    The best you can get, looks and performance both are to notch, supreme battery life, ultra fast speed. Display and sounds are fantastic, never seen any better till now. Till now it was, Apple was offering 7 at the price of 10, looks were alaways 10 out of 10 but now Apple is giving 15 at the price of 10.. Absolutely worth the price.

  6. shivam upadhyay

    Very Good
    If You are going to buy a laptop worth 85k go for it
    No one can beat it from design,battery, performance,speakers
    1. I never heard this type of loudness in speakers of any laptop
    2. Built is awesome
    3. What a top notch performance I am a software developer I use VScode, Postman,mongodb Compass, Chrome, Git they work like a charm
    4. You will never face a Lag
    5. I opened 30+ Chrome tabs with postman,VScode,mongodb Compass, with node server
    And never faced an issue.
    6. 2k Display is just awesome
    7. Its main component is its trackpad what a smooth performance like you are using a touch screen phone
    8. Keyboard is just awesome 😎 no one can beat in this price range
    9. M1 chip is just awesome and powerful

  7. Kunal Kathe

    Classy product
    Fantastic value for money machine!! Absolute beast as far as sheer performance is concerned that being super efficient on the battery.
    1. Using it mainly for coding purposes, browsing and all that regular stuff. Haven’t played any games on it so I can’t comment on battery life and performance while gaming but with regular coding stuff like web development, mobile app development, web browsing etc the battery will easily last for 10+ hrs or even more.

    2. Apple nailed the thermals on this machine as well. On continuous coding and browsing for like 4-5 hrs it was barely warm that too on back side. The keyboard and trackpad area was cold like anything. I guess it would take a lot to make this thing go to its optimum level making it too hot and therefore throttle. For a fanless device this is really surprising.

    3. The speakers are loud and crisp. I am switching from an old Dell machine. So, the speaker’s sound clarity and loudness for a machine with such a small form factor really boggles me 😉

    4. The software experience is also delightful as always with Apple products. I also got the OS update the moment I booted it up. We all know that we can be assured of guaranteed updates on this device for quite a few years for sure.

    5. As far as app compatibility issues are concerned for this new Apple silicon M1 chip, I use it for development so the tools and apps I use like Chrome, Vscode, Postman, Docker etc are working like charm. No issues whatsoever. But this is something subjective. Yes, the apps that are fully optimized for apple silicon will run faster and will sip battery much lower compared to the intel ones.

    Verdict : Must buy for the programmers looking for an ultimate development experience on a machine with great battery life, top notch performance and great design and built quality. Go for it you won’t regret for sure.

  8. Nitish Sharma

    A bit expensive when we compare with today’s intel (11th gen) or AMD (Ryzen 5th gen) based windows Laptops with RTX 30 Graphics but this Apple M1 in terms of overall performance, it is far beyond what windows laptops can offer in same segment.

    I won’t compare it with windows laptops as we all are aware of it. This is more about M1 chip. People are worried about buying M1 version because of compatibility issues.
    Don’t worry, this processor is so powerful and in terms of compatibility, this is handling pretty much everything we throw on it.
    For instance if you try downloading Chrome for mac, it will give an option to choose whether you want it for intel or M1. This is just an example to show how companies are making their products so as to be compatible with M1 chip.
    Even if application in not compatible with M1, it will still run via Rosetta and you cannot see the difference if application is running natively or as an emulated application.

    I am a software developer and I code most of the time and so far this is my best experience I can share with you all in terms of display quality, keyboard, wireless connectivity, battery performance(this is just awesome) , overall build quality. whatever you get in box is just superb.
    Ans not to mention it does not have a fan in it.

    Please give a like to my comment if you find it useful and I will make it more detailed in future. Thanks!